Good evening.

We are Tinystudio, a duo of two creative minds running a tiny studio. Some may call us a digital agency, partner or even start-up. However, we are still not quite sure if those are adequate descriptions.

Generally spoken, we develop, design and create digital products aiming to make life easier. But there is a lot more we do.

Tinystudio in Marseille

Figure 1: Both of us in front of our newly discovered favorite café in Marseille, France.

How We Work

Excited about modern digital technology and good design, we always aim for the best possible user experience. In our mind, digital solutions should always be intuitive and simple – and questioned to the last detail.

In the last couple of years we had the opportunity to work together with clients from numerous industrial sectors and collaborated with several partners in Switzerland. At the end of the day we want to do great work with great people and always have fun while doing it. We think that performed quite well so far.

We are currently living and working in the heart of Zurich.



  • F62
  • Rigi Windegg



  • Stärnetropfe


  • Adrian Villiger
  • Coiffeur Capello Nero
  • Sylvie Blue
  • 77 Jahre Jungwacht Sursee



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